WiFi Based Surveillance Cameras


WiFi cameras come in different shapes and sizes, some are hidden inside of your everyday household objects, such as clock radios, motion sensors, and AC adapters, while others are not as covert. Most WiFi cameras come with high definition resolution of 1-2 Mega Pixels. There is on site storage by inserting a Micro SD card as well as live streaming to any iOS or OS operating device.

WiFi cameras are easy and are an inexpensive way to keep your home or business safe while you are away. You simply place the camera where you want (make sure the WiFi is able to reach the camera), download the free mobile app, sync the camera with the app, input your WiFi information and log in! It’s that simple.

A lot of the WiFi cameras like spy camera for home have motion alert settings so if something triggers the camera you will get an alert through the app to let you know something is triggering the camera. The Micro SD card will automatically save the recordings or you can press record through the app in most cases.

WiFi based surveillance cameras are a great option when it comes to affordability, easy set-up, and reliability. Don’t wait till it’s too late, go purchase yourself a WiFi surveillance camera today.

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