Why is pepper spray used for self defense?


A lot of people ask why should I use or carrying pepper spray. Responses for those questions quite are simple. Walking the dog or jogging late at night, getting out of work late, taking public transportation or having an ex-partner who is stalking or harassing.

For the most part a lot of consumers don’t have a specific need or reason for purchasing pepper spray. The reason they are buying pepper spray is for the general fear of being attacked by an animal or by another person. They will carry it for a week or two, or a month at most, and then the pepper spray will find its way into the trash or the bottom of a drawer. That needs to change. Pepper spray is one of the most efficient non-lethal personal self-defense items available.

Pepper sprays come in a wide variety of assortments. Hidden like lipstick, bigger canisters for inside the home, small canisters for inside of the car, or canisters to hang on your keys. Attacks can happen very fast and out of nowhere. So if the pepper spray is not in your hand or within a reasonable reach you simply won’t have time to retrieve it. The effective range of most spray canisters is approximately 10-12 feet depending whether the spray emits a mist or stream.

We recommend keeping pepper spray no longer than two years before replacing it. If you come into a situation where using pepper spray is necessary we also recommend aiming for the chest. If you miss while aiming for the chest there is a higher chance you will still hit the assailant in an area where the spray will take effect. Always carry pepper spray with caution and keep it out of reach from children or animals. Pepper spray for sale at both of our Spy store locations. Make sure you stop in and get some today!

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