Security System

Types of Security Systems and How to Choose The Right One

When considering video surveillance for home and Business there are many factors to consider. If you already have video surveillance cameras that are more than a few years old, you will be shocked to learn that you will pay much less for your cameras and will have an huge increase in the quality of the video.

HD security cameras come in several versions including High Definition IP cameras or High Definition video security cameras over coaxial cable. The HD over coax version is less expensive and comes in 4 popular choices, all of which are NOT compatible with each other. So research your decision.

We use TVI as it seems to be the most popular of the HD over coaxial of the home video surveillance systems. It’s a good choice but not necessarily better than than its challenger technologies CVI and AHD. Another version SDI is probably the best video quality but has limitations in cable distances and costs more. HD-SDI is also the only digital version of the HD over coaxial cable technologies.

If you already have an old analog camera system, you are in luck. Upgrading your cameras without changing your wiring is a blessing and a cost saver. Previously, you would have to change your wiring from coaxial to CAT5 or CAT6. Now that is not necessary to upgrade to HD cameras. Simply change the DVR and any or all of your old cameras to see HD quality – about 4 times the resolution of your old cameras. And feel free to keep whatever cameras you don’t need to upgrade. The system is backward compatible meaning it will see and record your old cameras without a hitch.

So which HD security cameras do you choose? If you want the most economical, choose HD-AHD. If you want the clearest quality and don’t mind paying more and have less than 250’ cable runs, then HD-SDI video surveillance cameras are for you. It is the lowest cost but not much lower than TVI & CVI. TVI and CVI are about the same cost wise and are the most popular here in the US. All the factors for these seem to be similar. It seems to be a horse race.

We have tested all 4 versions. In our opinion all are excellent and it should come down to pricing and needs. Our HD-TVI cameras and DVRs are warranted for 3 years. That’s probably the longest warranty out there for hd security cameras. So warranty is important too.

As for the the aforementioned Wireless IP camera, these are a totally different animal. IP cameras are like mini computers. They have IP addresses inside the camera and are chock full of bells and whistles. Some of these are very useful bells and whistles which include remote recording capability, on board recording right on the camera with an SD card.

These 2 features make these video surveillance cameras potentially more secure in terms of video storage. The average burglar, robber or thief may try to steal or destroy the DVR server as evidence in order to prevent the video from incriminating them. Makes sense right? Unless you have hidden spy cameras for home or business, the typical bad guy knows that the camera have a recorder attached. The remote or on board recording feature allows these cameras to stash video safely either on the camera itself or in another location – anywhere in the world or the cloud. Camera at work and record at home. Camera at home and record at work. Safe and secure and out of reach of any bad guy.

Many people are asking for covert or hidden spy cameras for home or business. These cameras are less available in the HD versions. But the good news is that the backward compatibility allows you to use the older analog versions of the cameras ion your new HD camera system recorder. You can even hide the camera channel on the monitor so that employees or guests cannot see the covert camera on the monitor should they get a glimpse if your camera screen.

There are many other factors to consider when you are looking for a business or home video surveillance system. We are always there to help and recommend which video surveillance Equipment cameras are best for you. Feel free to reach out and call us for more information or advice.