Top 5 Trends for Video Surveillance in 2016

Trends for Video Surveillance in 2016

With advancement in technology, Video Surveillance Equipment tends to improve and get more sophisticated. This is a much needed change as tight security measures have become a quintessential requirement for every place, be it schools, homes, or offices. Manufacturers try their best to put in as many features as possible without letting the price shoot through the roof. After all, without affordability, no technology will be able to reach a large consumer population.

Check out the following top trends for video surveillance which should surface in 2016.

Incident Management

Video Surveillance for Home is not only about monitoring and recording video feed. It is also about responding to incidents. Once a breach has been registered, appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure that the risks of a recurrence are reduced significantly. Incident management solutions also allow organizations to capture all related and relevant information and provide access to the stakeholders based on their permissions or access levels. This not only enhances collaboration, it’s very valuable for post-event investigation.

Intuitive Integration Between ACS and VMS

There seems to be a growing demand for intuitive integration between security systems, more specifically ACS and VMS. ACS has received a much needed boost thanks to cloud and wireless solutions which has given way to numerous innovations. By integrating both systems, the operator can work more efficiently with less time consumption in the process.

Centralized Storage

Central storage is becoming a highly popular option for security solutions customers in the market. Even high end security customers are getting attracted to this storage method. Central storage has its own share of pros and cons. You should choose this after carefully weighing all the options and getting the right security solution to compensate all possible drawbacks. With an increase in central storage, local storage is being used mainly for buffering. This has made the process faster and does not use up a lot of useful memory.

Embedded Video Analytics

Embedded video analytics may seem like a new concept, but it has been in existence for quite some time. Manufacturers are introducing more cameras with embedded analytics capabilities, while video analytics has immense potential to revolutionize video security like never before. However, there is a great challenge which pertains to correlating video analytics with other information sources. It would be interesting to see how this feature evolves over this year.

Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic, or 360° cameras as they are called, have become a prominent trend. These are ideal for covering wide areas with greater viewing options. The existing video security systems do not need excessive modifications to incorporate this new camera. Dewarping APIs for perspective correction need to be added for letting the system know how to process the data captured by the panoramic cameras. There will certainly be a higher demand for these cameras in major security verticals due to the flexibility and versatility that is offered by the panoramic Wireless Security Camera System.