Think Twice About a Face Tattoo

If you’re going to lead a life of crime, don’t get a tattoo on your face…it could be what’s known as an identifying mark.

A transient in San Francisco, replete with the words “Why Try” tattooed on the front of his melon has been charged with carjacking; he forced an elderly man from his car, choked him, and then drove away. He returned minutes later to choke the man again.

The carjacker reportedly swung the older man around like a rag doll until a resident who witnessed the crime stopped the attack. The elderly many survived, but was hospitalized. According to police, he was just moments away from death.

Police in Oakland police spotted the tattooed transient driving the stolen car, and he was identified by…you guessed it: “Why Try,” a tattoo over the carjackers eyes. He was arrested and positively chosen out of a lineup.

Now “Why Try” is trying to figure out “Why Me,” an answer obvious to the rest of us. He is in jail now, being held without bail on attempted murder, robbery, carjacking, and elderly abuse charges. He also has a prior record…I guess the tattoo doesn’t work to well during burglaries, either.

To all you kids out there, take this down as a lesson…

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