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Social Media Results in Thief Bust

Jacob Stone was having some bad luck last week.  His car was burglarized outside of a Seattle-area convenience store. The items stolen included high-end camera equipment and, of all things, his pants and a belt.

One of the store’s employees recognized the man who broke into Stone’s car as a man who had stolen items from the store previously during the week. Stone–obviously knowledgeable about photography and videography, retrieved copies of the store’s video surveillance footage and retrieved still images from the video footage.

Stone created “wanted” posters of the thief and the car he used to flee the scene and posted them around the neighborhood. Then, he went a step further and posted the flyers on Facebook. Anyone recognizing the now hunted man were given a dedicated Hotmail address so that they could submit tips.

In just a few days, he received the tip that local police used to nail the suspected shoplifter-cum-burglar. Someone in the area saw the man and emailed Stone. Stone called him back and later met with the tipster to give the man a reward of $250.  Plus, he got his equipment back, although he had to remove the images that the thief had taken of random items, like scenery in Seattle, a dog, and the perpetrators messy bedroom.

Stone is thankful that his idea for using social media paid off, and appreciates everyone who helped him during the investigation. Stone will be much more careful where he leaves his car, and it’s our opinion that he should invest in some automotive security if he’s going to keep expensive equipment in his car. Just saying…

And you thought Facebook just kept tabs on your friends…

Covert Video Recorders

HELP! I Need to Record this Event on Video and all I Have is My Keychain!
Have you ever run into a situation where you needed to take a picture, or record an event on video, but didn’t have your camera with you?
Whether it is a Confrontation with a Neighbor, a Run In with the Police, a Sexual Harassment Situation, or just Good Times with Friends, there are many situations where a video camera can make all the difference.

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Family Shoplifting Ring Get Caught on Video

Although the woman to the left, Diana Burton, is certainly what most of us would call the grandmotherly type, warm and loving, there is more to her than that. She has raised her children, and is now helping her children raise their children, just like my grandmother did for our family. Still, there’s something special about Diana. Do you feel your heart warming and getting fuzzy? Well, just let it go; Ms. Burton is a thief (allegedly). Yes, loving “Grandma Burton” is actually the matriarch of a shoplifting ring that was operating outside Cleveland just picked up by local authorities on Thursday. Her “gang” is suspected of not only committing the crimes for which they were arrested, but other thefts and fraud-type activities in Ohio, and their home town, Chicago.


The theft ring, comprised of grandma, her son Donald Burton, his girlfriend Amina Frye, and Frye’s two young children, an 8-year old boy and 10-year old girl, were operating in Cleveland when arrested.  They were captured on surveillance video at Macy’s in Parma, OH, a suburb west of Cleveland. Amina Frye and the children entered Macy’s and were seen on surveillance cameras stealing merchandise. When store security went to nab the children, the adults entered the store and a fight began as the ring tried to flee to their waiting vehicle, a 2009 Chevy Suburban. (Another Macy’s in the Cleveland area had informed all the stores to watch for the gang after being hit the day prior.)
After Burton and his mother freed the children and their mother, the five thieves fled, yet only made it a short distance as police cars shut down all escape routes. During a search of the Suburban, police documented stolen computers, credit cards, and gift cards. Four Chicagoans have thus far been identified as possible  victims.

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“Coplifter” Gets Nabbed for Theft

The dark underbelly of crime is a malevolent, violent world which most have never witnessed; unless, of course, they live their lives in that world. Most, if not all, illegal activities stem from the same place. From the 50,000 foot view, all of the pieces interlock to form a “hierarchy” of criminal activities.

Think of it this way: at the bottom end, the grifters, petty thieves, and car burglars, usually younger and less experienced, often amusing, place. Some crimes, after being committed, leave us scratching our heads and wondering, “What were they thinking?” As we’ve alluded to before, video surveillance is being used on an increasing basis to not only deter or document criminal activities, but as a means of stretching available resources, doing “more” with “less.” Where businesses often had a security team, they are now able to have strategically placed security personnel that, with radios and camera surveillance, can cover a larger area in a more effective and efficient manner.

A ruined career for a hundred or so bucks. Crime obviously does not pay. Although the officer denied the charges, the Judge stated that the games ‘certainly left the site’ after watching the CCTV evidence. Video doesn’t lie.

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