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Understanding Motion Activated Recording

Many customers of ours are aware of motion activated recording. This is a function of your video security system that provides recordings only when there is action or activity in the camera screen. Many people incorrectly believe this function is provided by the camera. It’s actually the DVR that senses the motion and starts recording when there is action. Any camera will not effect the Motion Activated function. So don’t worry about the security camera you buy when considering the Motion Activation feature. Here is how it really works.

The DVR has several choices of how to record. Motion Activated, Continuous, Timer or Schedule, etc. I don’t understand why anyone would choose anything but the first choice, Motion Activated Recording. This means, that in each camera, should any activity be detected, the DVR will record. And usually, the DVR will only record that particular screen. At least the higher quality (all of our DVRs) do. How the technology works is that whenever pixel motion is detected in the screen, the DVR things it is motion. So anything from a bird flying by, a tree or bush blowing in the wind or even an empty bag blowing in the wind. Other undesirable motion detection issues may be TV or PC monitors.

Another cool function of this Motion Activated Recording is the Mask or Screening feature. Let’s say you are shooting outside and there is a large tree or bush in the picture. You have the ability with al of our DVRs to screen or block out the tree. Just going to the Motion Setting area and you will be able to see the blocks or screen (depending on your DVR type) and control the area that sets off recording. You will see the entire screen in the live view or when the desired Motion areas have activity. But the tree blowing in the wind will not effect motion. Use this also for heavily traveled roads that are not critical security areas. If your business or home is near a busy street, the traffic can be eliminated.

There are other great features too. You can decrease or increase sensitivity as needed in the settings. This could be handy when you have some inconsequential slight motion like reflected lights entering the room through windows and such. A person walking through the screen should set motion recording off even in the lowest of sensitivity settings but you should test the settings before you assume everything is right.

The whole idea behind these features is to offer you the convenience of not having to watch hours of video when an incident occurred and you are unsure of the time of occurrence. So you walk into your office at 6am and discover a missing object. You can simply play the camera channel or channels that has the view of the missing object and the effort should be easy. Start reviewing your video at the time you know the object was present. As you play, only activity in the camera will be played back. Not the entire time frame.

Another great benefit is that you will save hard drive space. As you record video, you use up valuable hard drvie space. So if you can economize the amount of recordings you make through motion recording, you will ultimately have more days of recordings on your hard drive before it starts to recycle. This means you can view further back into history to check activity instead of buying a larger or an additional hard drive.

We hope you found this helpful. For more information, please visit our website’s video swcurity section https://blog.uspystore.com/cctv-video-security.html or call us toll free: (888) 338-4545.