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Twin Cities Teacher Snagged By FBI for Child Porn

Gregg Alan Larsen, a former St. Paul Central High high school teacher in the Twin cities has been indicted on child pornography charges. Federal agents snagged Larsen, age 49, with over 100,000 child-pornography images and videos on his home computer.

The indictment stemmed from a raid of the man’s Minneapolis home last year. A former special-needs teacher, Larsen allegedly used a hidden camera to film children in the bathroom of the foster home he ran. He was accused Wednesday under a sealed indictment that became public record yesterday afternoon after he appeared before a judge. Larsen taught special education at the Minneapolis high school when school administrators found out he was under Federal investigation. This information comes to us courtesy of the online version of the Pioneer Press.

Larsen faces a possible 90-year sentence for two charges of child pornography production, one charge each for child porn distributionand possession. Larsen was licensed in April 2000 as foster care provider, using his Minneapolis home as a childcare facility. Child protection and privacy laws prevent state officials from announcing whether any children are being cared for in the foster home, but the state indicated that endangered children would be immediately removed.

The FBI caught Larsen during a Maryland child pornography investigation in May 2009. Agents linked Larsen to 20 images/ movies of child pornography that were recovered from a network user’s folder. The images mainly involved boys who had not yet reached puberty. Five images involved victims of child exploitation.

On July 1, 2009, FBI agents raided the man’s home. According to the FBI, the charges that Larsen produced child pornography resulted from two incidents in 2006; the events took place in April, June, and July. Larsen knowingly persuaded two minors to commit explicit sexual acts so that he could record them. The Press does not mention why the indictment took place a year after Larsen was caught.

Surveillance cameras, whether small enough to be a key chain, or a full-sized video camera mounted as part of a home security for  video surveillance purposes, provide documentation on video for private investigators, large and small businesses, and also home security systems. U-Spy Store strives to sell high-quality products to reputable people. If you suspect that some one is using a hidden surveillance camera, please do not hesitate to notify us either by phone or email.

Do You Need a Nanny Cam?

Adding a nanny cam, or in-home surveillance system, used to be for detecting cases of child abuse or endangerment. However, even if you don’t have any concerns over abuse, an indoor surveillance camera and DVR may provide information on your sitter’s, or children’s, accountability.

As technology’s gotten better, the price for in-home surveillance has actually leveled out, or in some cases, prices have lowered. Nanny cams provide piece of mind for parents who work long hours; often, the wireless recorders can be accessed from a work computer, allowing a parent that misses their child to remain in contact with their child’s life.

Child neglect, or abuse, can happen. Some of the warning signs include unexplained bruises or cuts and fear when the sitter, or nanny, arrives. Fussy, or abnormal outbursts are also cause for concern. A child whose disposition has changed drastically may be a child who is being neglected. If you suspect that something is going on that you are not aware of, no price is too much to pay to ensure your loved-ones safety.

Wireless surveillance, and DVR systems, are easy to set up, and are virtually undetectable.  Even if you don’t expect any foul play, an in-home surveillance system is a way to ensure that your child is safe and those who are in your home while you’re away are accountable for their actions. Even if it means feeding the dog while you’re away on vacation.

In most cases, you’ll find that most people act with responsibility and have good intentions. Yet, a casual view, or review, of home activities while away may lead to behaviors that need to be rewarded or addressed. First-hand knowledge of an activity is always the best evidence, and is much more satisfying than conjecture or second-guessing.

Protect Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

The Chicago Tribune has been running an ongoing investigation into abuse allegations stemming from nursing homes. That’s right, the people that many everyday Chicagoans trust to take care of their loved ones are taking that trust and tearing it right from our beating hearts.

Since 2006, Chicago authorities have investigated 86 cases of sexual abuse against the disable and elderly nursing home residents in the Chicagoland area. A single case resulted in a single arrest, meaning that the rest of the predators in nursing homes are still roaming free.

Statistically, this reflects 25% of the city’s nursing homes, or 30 homes. Out of those 30, that’s 3 sexual assaults in each over a 2 1/2 year period.

Sexual predators are able to access unlocked doors in nursing homes, able to choose their victims with little fear of being caught. The Tribune reported that of those 86 cases, only 9 were reported at or near the time they occurred, and one was reported months afterwards.

The sexual attacks are mainly a result of  residents attacking other residents; the one prosecution was an orderly. Police report that a small percent involve visitors or strangers. The high incidence of attacks between residents is due to the fact that Illinois houses younger psychiatric patients in nursing homes, many of them with criminal records; according to the Tribune:

Government records show that the 30 Chicago facilities where rapes were reported were roughly twice as likely to house convicted felons and mentally ill patients as the 89 city nursing homes without a sexual assault allegation.

While increasing staff levels will help abate the nursing home abuse, you can take steps to protect elderly patients that cannot protect themselves.  If you fear that some sort of abuse is taking place, whether it’s over-medication, physical violence, negligent care, or sexual abuse, U-Spy Store carries a variety of products to help the elderly.

For instance, you could purchase a personal panic alarm. They’re low-cost and extremely loud, drawing attention from the staff or other patients that someone is in trouble. Another method is to install a motion-activated door alarm that can be turned on at night or when a resident does not want to, or is incapable of, receiving visitors. There are also numerous ways to monitor activity when patients are asleep or alone. Discrete audio recording devices will document any conversation that happen in a patients room. Further, hidden cameras are able to be installed anywhere, capturing video of the resident’s room. The cameras can activate on motion or sound. Finally, there are cameras pre-installed in normal household items:

  • Clocks
  • Clock Radios
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Air Purifiers
  • A common ink pen
  • Watches
  • Key Chains
  • Personal Radios
  • Coke Cans

If you need help with any of these items, please contact U-Spy Store. Our email address is info@uspystore.com, or give us a call: (773) 529-2779.