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Drew Peterson Hearing Update

On  March 1, 2004, neighbors discovered the lifeless body of  Kathleen Savio in an empty bathtub. According to reports from the Peterson hearing on Chicago Breaking News. Neighbor Mary Pontarelli found Kathleen Savio and, upon seeing her lifeless body, threw herself on a bed and beat it with her fists. Savio and Pontarelli were close, their families traveling and spending holidays with one another. In confidence, Savio told her friend that her ex-husband, Drew Peterson, would kill her.

Other witnesses stated that Savio made sure that the doors were locked and the house secure, fearing that Peterson would eventually attempt to take her life. A locksmith testified that only one of three locks on the door was in use the night of Savio’s death.

Pontarelli’s son backed his mom’s testimony, stating that Savio had stated that Peterson would attempt to kill her. Savio’s death occurred two weeks prior to the property settlement hearing in her divorce from Peterson.

Pontarelli’s son also stated that, according to Savio, Drew Peterson had bugged the home and was recording conversations. She showed the then 14-year old a box attached to a phone extension in the basement.

Mary Pontarelli stated in court that years earlier Savio had phoned her, stating that Peterson was trying to kill her. Pontarelli went outside and a terrified Savio ran to her, stuffing a letter for an attorney down her blouse. Ptold the court that one day in 2001, Savio called her to say Peterson was trying to kill her. When she went outside, Savio ran out and shoved a letter that she had been trying to fax to an attorney down Pontarelli’s blouse. The letter, written anonymously, stated that Peterson was having an affair, and warned Savio to; “Protect yourself and your family.”

An EMT testified that a towel from the crime scene photos had not been there upon arrival. The defense countered by asking him if he had seen towels and a bathrobe behind the door to the bathroom. The EMT stated that he had not.

Stacy Peterson, Drew Peterson’s fourth wife who is missing and presumed dead, confided to her pastor that Peterson had disappeared the night of Savio’s death and had coached her to lie about his whereabouts. The Pastor’s testimony was taken last Friday.

Drew Peterson Heads to Court; Media Fights for Open Proceedings

The media in Chicago are going to court to fight for open court proceedings so that they can be in the court room later this month when Drew Peterson, accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Salvio.
A combined effort between the Sun-Times, AP, and the Chicago Tribune have joined forces to deny the Peterson defense team motion to keep the hearing closed.

The former Bolingbrook police sergeant was charged for the 2004 murder after the body of Salvio was exhumed. He’s also a suspect in the disappearance, and assumed murder, of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who went missing in October 2007.

Although close friends and Stacy’s family believe Peterson killed her, her body has never been found.

Drew Peterson gained a weird celebrity-status during the case, never refusing reporters and even tried to draw attention to himself. He booked shows on both local TV and radio programs, and the media, never to miss out on an opportunity, covered the trial, his day-to-day exploits, and even his dating life. Peterson got engaged to a woman nearly 1/3rd his age in the midst of the media hoopla.

Now that the case is in court, it seems that Peterson has changed his tune.