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GPS Application Leads Police to Thieves

A recent rash of New Hampshire thefts caused police to investigate and warn the public not to leave valuable items inside vehicles parked in the state’s national park areas–especially at trail heads. U.S. Forest Service agents also cautioned visitors to lock their cars.

A recent investigation was launched after thieves smashed car windows to get into vehicles, stealing electronics and cash.

Unfortunately for the unwitting criminals, police were able to track down them down within hours due to quick action stemming from a victim’s GPS application on his cell phone. Most of these smash-and-grab type cases go unsolved, especially due to the remote locations, time delay between the crime and report, and absence of witnesses to the crime.

In this case, the victim went to the State Trooper barracks and borrowed a police computer to track the location of his Smartphone; the phone was in a nearby community, and appeared to be with someone walking.

State Law Enforcement officers called the community’s police department, who dispatched officer to the area; the officer spotted a group of juveniles outside the residential area. A local Forest Service special agent also assisted, helping police determine four teens as the likely suspects. Police recovered the majority of property and the teens eventually confessed they’d participated in the crime spree, or were guilty of receiving stolen goods.

While the case remains under investigation, police expect charges to be filed shortly. Ah, technology!

Craigslist Prostitution Ring Gets Nailed

Seven people were arrested by police in the Aurora area for allegedly running an online prostitution ring. The sting occurred last Wednesday after undercover officers submitted responses to advertisements in the erotic section of Craigslist and Backpage.

All those caught were arrested and charged with sexual solicitation. The name of the hotel was not released, but a police statement said that it was cooperating with the investigation.

According to NBC Chicago:

Charged were: Gordon Luedtke, 48, of Wayne, IL; Rafael Medrano (aka: Sandra Medrano), 34, of Aurora; Kathleen Szarowicz, 23, of Grandville, MI; Nicole Deuchler, 29, of  Aurora; Victoria Clausen, 20, of  Romeoville; Heather Kroner, 21, of Van Buren, AR; and Wendy Negron, 34, of  Lombard.

Last year, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart took Craigslist to court weeks prior to the Craigslist murder investigation of Philip Markoff, a Boston-area medical found guilty of killing a prostitute he’d found on the site. Dart’s case was thrown out of court.