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Twin Cities Teacher Snagged By FBI for Child Porn

Gregg Alan Larsen, a former St. Paul Central High high school teacher in the Twin cities has been indicted on child pornography charges. Federal agents snagged Larsen, age 49, with over 100,000 child-pornography images and videos on his home computer.

The indictment stemmed from a raid of the man’s Minneapolis home last year. A former special-needs teacher, Larsen allegedly used a hidden camera to film children in the bathroom of the foster home he ran. He was accused Wednesday under a sealed indictment that became public record yesterday afternoon after he appeared before a judge. Larsen taught special education at the Minneapolis high school when school administrators found out he was under Federal investigation. This information comes to us courtesy of the online version of the Pioneer Press.

Larsen faces a possible 90-year sentence for two charges of child pornography production, one charge each for child porn distributionand possession. Larsen was licensed in April 2000 as foster care provider, using his Minneapolis home as a childcare facility. Child protection and privacy laws prevent state officials from announcing whether any children are being cared for in the foster home, but the state indicated that endangered children would be immediately removed.

The FBI caught Larsen during a Maryland child pornography investigation in May 2009. Agents linked Larsen to 20 images/ movies of child pornography that were recovered from a network user’s folder. The images mainly involved boys who had not yet reached puberty. Five images involved victims of child exploitation.

On July 1, 2009, FBI agents raided the man’s home. According to the FBI, the charges that Larsen produced child pornography resulted from two incidents in 2006; the events took place in April, June, and July. Larsen knowingly persuaded two minors to commit explicit sexual acts so that he could record them. The Press does not mention why the indictment took place a year after Larsen was caught.

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