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Social Media Results in Thief Bust

Jacob Stone was having some bad luck last week.  His car was burglarized outside of a Seattle-area convenience store. The items stolen included high-end camera equipment and, of all things, his pants and a belt.

One of the store’s employees recognized the man who broke into Stone’s car as a man who had stolen items from the store previously during the week. Stone–obviously knowledgeable about photography and videography, retrieved copies of the store’s video surveillance footage and retrieved still images from the video footage.

Stone created “wanted” posters of the thief and the car he used to flee the scene and posted them around the neighborhood. Then, he went a step further and posted the flyers on Facebook. Anyone recognizing the now hunted man were given a dedicated Hotmail address so that they could submit tips.

In just a few days, he received the tip that local police used to nail the suspected shoplifter-cum-burglar. Someone in the area saw the man and emailed Stone. Stone called him back and later met with the tipster to give the man a reward of $250.  Plus, he got his equipment back, although he had to remove the images that the thief had taken of random items, like scenery in Seattle, a dog, and the perpetrators messy bedroom.

Stone is thankful that his idea for using social media paid off, and appreciates everyone who helped him during the investigation. Stone will be much more careful where he leaves his car, and it’s our opinion that he should invest in some automotive security if he’s going to keep expensive equipment in his car. Just saying…

And you thought Facebook just kept tabs on your friends…

Hey…uh, that Glass is Bullet-Proof

I haven’t been in Chicago for very long, but I think that Chicago has a crime problem. Some of the criminals are caught, others break free of police, and like any major city, some are never caught. Those that are, for better or worse, depending on how you look at it, don’t seem to be the brightest lights on the planet. Some of them should get nominated for Darwin Awards. Sometimes you just have to sit back, scratch your head, and wonder.

Here’s a perfect example.

Travis Copeland, 19, from Zion, IL, ran out of a Lake County felony courthouse earlier this week. He made his way to the skyway that connects the courthouse to the jail, passing over a street that lies below. The fleeing teen decided to make a hasty exit when he realized that the Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies were right behind him, and his escape route was taking him back to the jail.

He stopped in the breezeway, and one of the Deputies drew down on him with his pistol. At this point, Travis decided to make a headlong run into a window, hoping to break through, fall two stories, and make good his escape. Luckily for him, his plan did not work and he didn’t get shot in the process.

Surrounded, Copeland took a running start and hit the glass on the walkway with force, bounced off, staggered, and then layed on the deck. He was handcuffed and taken back to court where his bail, previously $50,000, was raised to $1.5 million.

It’s almost a shame that his plan didn’t work; Copeland is being tried for aggravated battery of a police officer.