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Illinois Band Says “Boom Boom Pow” Stolen by Black Eyed Peas

No doubt you’ve seen Will-I-Am and Fergie, the two “front people” for the musical group Black Eyed Peas, and no doubt you’ve heard their music. But, did you know that an Aurora, IL band, Phoenix Phenom just filed a suit in Federal Court accusing the Peas stealing the hit Boom Boom Pow from them?

According to the Aurora Beacon News, Manny Mohr and Ebony Latrice Batts, aka the Phoenix Phenom, co-wrote a song in 2007 that the members from the Peas stole the song. The law suit names each one of the Black Eyed Peas individually as well as Universal Music Group, Interscope Records, & the publishing companies that claim ownership in the Peas’ latest CD, The E.N.D.

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