Serial Rapist and Fugitive Sentenced

James Fuller, a convicted serial rapist and one-time fugitive from justice was sentenced to life in prison early this week. Fuller, now 44, was labeled as a habitual criminal due to a series of crimes that began in Kansas in 1981. An Illinois State law, much like the 3-strikes law, states that habitual criminals are subjected to life in prison according to the Peoria Journal Star.

Fuller, along with another inmate, escaped from Peoria County jail last November, but both were caught within the next day.

Fuller was convicted by jury in December 2009 for a series of rapes in Peoria in 2006. He also had a rape conviction in Kansas, and two armed robbery convictions in his past. Which kinda makes you wonder why he was out of prison in the first place…

Judge Michael Brandt ruled that certified copies of his former convictions were legitimate, which mandated the life sentence. Fuller read a statement while in court, blaming the police and others for framing him for the 2006 assaults. He said that he was a likely suspect because the police didn’t have any leads on the rape crimes, and so they conveniently conspired to choose him. Although quiet in court during the sentencing, Fuller has a history of dramatic court appearances, claiming that devils were about and that his attorney was secretly in league with the prosecution to put him in jail. Other times, he never showed up to his hearings due to his failure to participate. He has also been removed from court due to outbursts.

Fuller claimed that DNA evidence found under the fingernails of one victim, as well as the DNA from three other victims were “planted” by the police after initial tests showed that he was not a match.

The prosecution noted that his earlier crimes, and the fact that evidence led police to believe that Fuller had raped at least nine women, was enough to hand him the maximum sentence. He had changed other’s lives forever and had to pay for his actions.

We’re sure to hear more from Fuller; he is coming up for trial in April on another sexual assault (surprise) and also faces charges for breaking out of jail.

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