Security CCTV Camera vs Surveillance Camera

Security needs of different premises or homes differ. This is why it is important to understand whether you need security cameras or video surveillance cameras. Each of these gadgets operates in a different way. Each is required for a different reason that cannot be fulfilled by the other.

HD security cameras

Video security actively detects anyone who comes into a compound. This means the use of CCTV camera at strategic installations that require security or areas where intruders would be expected to pass through. The cameras are usually connected to other systems that may raise an alarm or cause an automatic action.

Surveillance involves recording all the activities happening at a compound. The HD security cameras are usually concealed to avoid raising alarm. The cameras may also come with features allowing an alarm to be raised so that security personnel can take action.

Surveillance is most effective for monitoring purposes. The activities of surveillance are usually passive. This means that there are no people actively following what it recorded. Such systems will be used to resolve mysteries like crimes, attacks, disappearances, etc.  They, however, must be detected through other means so that the cameras can provide a replay.

Integration of thermal sensors, laser technology, and other security features make deterrence easier with security cameras. They are most preferred where tampering is possible. Such cameras allow security personnel to take immediate action and in the process avert such incidences as heists.