Illegal “Dumpers” Caught with Video Surveillance

In Springfield, Mass.,  police announced that 13 people had been caught dumping household trash and furniture in a wooded area near town. The alleged illegal dumpers were recorded by hidden camera detectors placed near the area in an investigation that included aid from both state, and local officials. This, according to the Springfield Republican.

The perpetrators were each issued $300 in citations for illegal dumping under the state’s Department of Environmental Protection “Candid Camera” surveillance program. Video footage was obtained by CBS affiliate Channel 3 in Springfield, and is featured below:

The trash, which includes mattresses, tires, furniture, and other similar items could have been hauled away from the perpetrator’s homes for little to no cost; any costs certainly would not have amounted to the $300 fine.

The state EPA and local communities have been partnering since 2005 in an effort to end illegal dumping in the state, a practice environmentalists claim, ruins the environment.

The use of high-resolution video cameras, available at reasonable prices, has been growing; recently, they’ve been instituted on the US-Mexican border to record illegal immigration, and throughout city streets across the nation to keep an eye out for illegal activity.

Massachusetts’ used small, battery-powered digital cameras equipped with infrared night vision and motion detectors. When the motion detector catches movement, the camera records. Sound sensors are also used with hidden video surveillance equipment systems, and are great devices to employ when a low-cost, non-labor intensive solution is needed.

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