How to tell if you are being bugged


There are a lot of different recording devices available for consumer purchase these days. Hidden Surveillance cameras can range in looks from your everyday household objects like a clock radios all the way to objects that are not so covert.

If you are looking for a hidden camera if it is a hardwired unit, meaning it is not sending out a wireless signal to some sort of receiver, you would need a bug detectors that finds a lens inside of an object. These bug detectors emit red flashing lights from LEDs that will reflect back into a viewfinder and if there is a lens inside of an object you will see the red lights flashing on the camera lens. When searching for a camera lens, if the lens is smaller you should be fairly close to the camera.

If you are concerned with a device that is being listened to or watched live you can get an RF bug detector. RF detectors are devices that detect wireless signals. Devices that emit signals can include but is not limited to the following, GPS trackers, listening devices, and wifi cameras. These rf / listening device detectors will beep or vibrate and the lights on the front of the device will intensify the closer you get to a device that is emitting a wireless signal.  One thing to keep in mind when you are searching for a bug is that there are everyday used items that send a wireless signal that can interfere when you are searching. Bluetooth headsets, cell phones, and WIFI routers are some of the few everyday used devices that you should turn off before you start your investigation.

Hidden camera detector and RF signal detectors are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. They are the perfect device to give you peace of mind in your own home or business.