How to Protect Your Shop Against Robbery

Protect Your Shop Against Robbery

Robberies are common in shops. Just check the news on any given day and you will find at least one case of a robbery or an attempted robbery. It does not take a lot of efforts to secure one’s shop. You only need to know the basics of setting up a good security system with which you can capture evidence (at least) if not deter robbery.

If you want to protect your shop against robbery, then this is what you need to do right now.

Let Others See What’s Going on Inside the Shop

Most robbers are deterred by visibility. They prefer to get their job done without raising an alarm. The best way to ensure proper visibility in your shop is to arrange the window display in such a way that people on the street can get a clear view of what’s happening inside the store. You don’t have to remove everything from the window display. Just give adequate visibility and you should be able to deter robberies to a good extent.

Use the Services of a Key Holding Agency

A key holding agency is one which takes possession of the keys to a place and keeps it in their possession for the defined period. If you can afford it, then avail their services and let them hold the keys to your shop overnight. This will protect against robbers targeting staff to steal keys out of hours.

Don’t Keep All High-Value Items Together in the Display

If you group similar value or high-value items together, then it makes the job very easy for the robbers as they can collect them and get out before you even know it. If the robbers do make an attempt at making away with your products, then make the task tougher for them. They will usually target high-value items so keep them mixed up with items of different values. This can buy you some much needed time to raise an alarm or call the authorities.

Secure Your Shop with a Good Video Surveillance System

It is absolutely crucial that you have a good video surveillance system installed in your shop. These video security systems are not always expensive. You just need to get the right setup to suit your requirements. A video surveillance system not only acts as a major deterrent, but it also captures crime in the act and helps the authorities to nab the robbers well in time. Plus, you can get evidence against shoplifting, stealing and other acts that may occur in your shop. You can check out some really good and affordable video surveillance equipment systems here. Also, make sure that you secure the security cameras as robbers have been known to steal these on the way out.

Always have Two People during Opening and Closing

Make sure that you have two people present during opening and closing. This way, one can focus on opening / closing the locks while the other can remain out of sight and stay vigilant. This helps a lot to keep problems at bay. Unsuspecting robbers may make an attempt at the person who is working with the lock, but there is a good chance that their attempt can be foiled with the help of the second person who has remained out of sight.

Perform a Thorough Inspection after Opening the Shop

This is one of the most important measures that you should definitely implement in your shop. Every time you open the shop and before closing it, make a thorough inspection of the place to identify possible signs of an infiltration or theft. Even the smallest sign can help in taking action before it is too late. Assign this responsibility to the first staff member who enters the shop while opening and the last person to leave the shop at closing.

Get Security Staff If It Fits Your Budget

Security staff definitely adds a good amount of security to your shop, but it may not be feasible for everyone. So if it fits your budget and suits your needs, then get some security staff for your shop. If your shop is situated in a mall, then ask the mall’s management to assign some security staff to key areas such as the loading bay so that they can keep an eye out for suspicious activities.

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