How To Make A University Campus More Secure

University CampusRecently an incident was reported by where a person was seen running towards a campus with a gun. The campus was located in Louisville, Ky. According to the police, “[the] situation began as an armed robbery and no injuries were reported from it.” The officials were unable to locate any suspect but investigations are on and so are the exams. When such incidents occur, not only do they pose a threat to the students and staff in the campus, but they are also hard to investigate due to lack of evidence. In the end, it is the university that suffers due to delays in examinations and other activities.Check out these simple yet effective tips which are useful in keeping the campus safe and secure:

Check out these simple yet effective tips which are useful in keeping the campus safe and secure:

Fix the Lights

Fix every broken light in the campus. Don’t let any area be devoid of light. Parking lots, pathways, halls, and lobbies should have proper lighting as these are the most targeted areas which are good for moving unnoticed. The increased lighting will incur additional costs. However, these costs are much less than the loss incurred due to dropouts. It is always better to have proper lighting so that people feel safer.

Security Patrols Should Be Increased

This should not be hard to understand. The more security patrols you have, the more you can deter crimes from occurring. Obviously, no one wants to end up getting caught by the cops. If someone has malicious intentions, there is a good chance that the presence of patrols will discourage any attempt at causing harm. Make sure that the patrol cars are parked in the entrance to the parking lots and other places that are clearly visible.

Discourage Thefts (even if small)

“Nip the evil in the bud.” This cannot be truer for campus security. One of the reasons why campuses become hotspots for crime is that the lack of strict measures makes it easy for crimes to be committed. A good way to start securing the campus is to discourage thefts, even if they are small. Small thefts may not appear to be a serious concern, but this is just the start. It could worsen over time if left unchecked. Discourage thefts and all such activities by implementing strict disciplinary measures.

Install Surveillance Camera Systems

This is the best option for keeping campuses safe and secure. Surveillance camera systems are not expensive if you know what you need and where to get it from. Before getting a camera system for your campus, you need to analyze the extent of surveillance required and the type of cameras that will justify your need specifically. Consult with a surveillance camera system provider to get the best system for your need because these systems can be customized to fit your budget and need.

Make IDs Mandatory

Ensure that all staff and students wear their respective college IDs and keep their valid ID proof with them at all times. This will help to deter any suspicious activity. Any non-member can be easily identified.

Spread Awareness

Almost everyone uses email these days and they are active on social media. These platforms can be leveraged to generate immense awareness about security measures in and around the campus. Vigilance is important for keeping the area secure.

Campus safety has become a concern in most universities as these are hotspots for crime. This does not mean that the students or the staff themselves are involved in all the cases, but it is better to take the necessary precautions. A proper surveillance system can not only prevent crimes from happening, but also helps to record evidence if such situations occur.

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