How to avoid buying counterfeit GeoVision cameras

In the world of the Internet, you need to be careful where you buy.  GeoVision has a great product which often times leads to counterfeit products.  Due to the issue, GeoVision has created a page on their website that will help customers find the places where to buy products safely.  GeoVision will not honor warranties for any products purchased on unauthorized websites such as:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Any auction websites
  • Securitybestbuy dot com
  • DinoDirect (Customer Reported Counterfeit cards!)
  • NewworldIT
  • Allgeovision dot com
  • Allmilestonesystems dot com
  • Allsecurityelectronics dot net
  • Gvdvrcard dot com
  • Surveillent dot net
  • Salestores dot com
  • supplyCCTV dot com

Buyers beware when purchasing GeoVision or any other products that may be counterfeit or otherwise not covered under the GeoVision warrantee.

GeoVision CCTV distributes through authorized resellers, which are referred to customers by emailing, or by telephone at (949)583-1519.

Warranty Exclusions

GeoVision’s warranty policy applies only on products sold through authorized channels. GeoVision is not obligated under any circumstances to provide warranty or service on products under any of the following conditions:

  1. Product has been modified in any way regardless of cause (i.e. serial number on the product has been removed or altered)
  2. Product has been subjected to misuse or damage (including physical abuse, improper installation, water damage, computer virus, etc.)
  3. Product is purchased through an unauthorized reseller (i.e. internet auction sites such as eBay or any other unauthorized resellers)

The legitimacy of a distributor can only be confirmed by GeoVision; any company that is not in direct affiliation with GeoVision and is falsely advertising as an authorized reseller may be infringing copyrighted material and GeoVision does not guarantee the authenticity or provide warranty on products sold through said resellers.

Recently, there have been cases of companies posting websites carrying the GeoVision logo and selling products without GeoVision’s consent and some products have been proven to be counterfeits. Based on customer report, these companies often operate with minimal resources and cannot offer support or service on products sold. In order to secure your investment, please always purchase through GeoVision’s authorized channels or contact GeoVision’s U.S. office, located at 9235 – 9237 Research Dr., Irvine, CA 92618.

For websites that do not affiliate with GeoVision and are not authorized to resell GeoVision products, GeoVision reserves the right to take legal action against any possible acts of copyright and patent infringement, as well as the violation of the good faith of business practice demonstrated by the companies.

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