How Secure Are Your Wireless IP Cameras?

Wireless IP CamerasGoing back a few years there were many true stories about how easy it was to pick up and intercept wireless camera signals from the many hidden nanny cams or hidden surveillance cameras in homes across the USA and the world.  These wireless camera signals could be intercepted and viewed either intentionally or unintentionally with basic receivers or with anyone with the same or similar wireless security camera system.

This has changed for the most part today.  Today, frequency hopping digital video signals are able to minimize the possibility of intercepting the video feed from the cameras by scrambling the signal into something only the select receiver will be able to view.  These wireless camera transmitter and receiver kits are “paired” when you initially setup your hidden nanny cameras.  Once paired, the signal is digitally encrypted and becomes very difficult to intercept.  They also are good at warding off wireless camera video signal interference.  Only the highest levels of spies would be able to intercept the new digital wireless camera signal.

As a private detective, I recall demonstrating for the local news stations by driving around with a wireless receiver and monitor.  I would pick up dozens of wireless video camera signals driving down both residential and business streets.  The things you could see would surprise you including wireless video signals that were coming out of bedrooms and hotel rooms.  Not good!

Another nice feature of the current wireless camera signals are the HD quality.  With the new wireless technology we can use

Many high definition hd security cameras are wireless as well and many of those are under $100.  We sell a very popular 1 megapixel wireless camera for under $50.  These wireless Wi-Fi cameras are easy to set up and provide a beautiful high definition security camera image right to your smart phone.  So as you can see, the security camera technology keeps getting cheaper and cheaper and better and better.  I am sure we will see continuing advancements and quality all the while pricing keeps getting lower.

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