Holiday seasons are a big time for thieves

The holiday season is a big time for thieves and vandals as some of you may have experienced.  Halloween, Christmas and Hanukah decorations are ripe for the picking or destroying.  We see a huge increase in customers scrambling to get security cameras (Spy Camera Detector) installed before the decorations go up.  

Christmas and Hanukah gifts waiting to be distributed is another temptation for thieves and burglars.  Houses with presents under the tree may tempt a burglar to break in and steal the gifts ruining a beautiful holiday for a family.  The outside decorations can also fall victim to thieves and vandals as some decorations are very expensive and easy to steal.  

HD Security Camera Systems are a great way to deter this or at least get some evidence as to who did it.  The new HD cameras capture amazing footage day and night and can be magnified after recording.  The new HD cameras are not your parent’s cameras.  These new cameras are up to 6 times the resolution of the former cameras from a couple of years ago, not counting the pricier HD IP cameras that have been capturing HD quality for several years now.  

There are 4 formats of HD over coax surveillance systems on the market.  It’s confusing to the customer but we at Pro Video Security and the U-Spy Store make it simple.  We only sell tested DVRs and cameras so you won’t throw away hard earned money.  TVI, SDI, CVI and AHD are the 4 technologies fighting for dominance in the security camera market.  All are excellent quality however the backers of the technology is an important factor.  All allow you to zoom in after recording with much less pixilation than the previous old cameras.  Up to 6 times the resolution means more than 6 times magnification capability with little distortion.

HD-CVI is Dauha Security Company of China’s baby.  Dauha is the number one manufacturer of DVRs worldwide.  The DVR software is good however a little more complicated to setup for the average person due to the extensive options, bells and whistles.  There innovations include remote zooming camera capability right from the DVR or on the phone and PC.  They have plenty of supporting applications for Mac, PC, Android and iPhone.  The price is good as is the quality.  I give this technology a 9 out of 10 with the only minus being the lower intuitive creation of the applications.  CVI does have the best audio capability with the ability to listen live and play back on all devices and computers.  The resolution max is 2.1 megapixels. CVI can take old version analog cameras and the CVI cameras.  It can also take IP cameras but you cannot add more than the total number of cameras for this DVR unlike the TVI (see below). So it is considered a Tri-bred DVR.

HD-TVI was created by Techpoint, a U.S. manufacturer. It has been licensed several manufacturers including Hikvision, Dahua’s largest competitor and the largest camera manufacturer in the world and the number 2 DVR manufacturer. It has good quality and in my opinion, a better interface.  The only down side is the lack of audio capabilities in terms of play back and monitoring on all devices and operating systems.  I give this technology a 9 out of 10 with the only minus being the lower intuitive creation of the applications. The resolution max is 2.1 megapixels.  Be careful as some DVRs are being released with version 2 of the TVI which is not compatible with version 1 cameras.  These DVRs take your old cameras as well as 1 or 2 IP cameras in addition to the BNC connections.  So a 4 channel DVR can record 4 BNC connections and 1 IP.  8 and 16 channel can do 2 IP cameras for a total of 10 and 18 cameras respectively.  It is considered a Tri-bred DVR.

HD-AHD is another technology.  Many smaller manufacturers are using this tech enology although Samsung is starting to use the technology for its CCTV systems.  Although I am not a big fan of the Samsung CCTV they make great televisions.  This technology is a bit lower in cost and some claim not as good as CVI & TVI.  Using the AHD DVRs has been a bit difficult as many of the manufacturers are lower tier and the difficult interfaces seem to lower the quality.  I give this an 8 out of 10 only because the DVR choices are not top manufacturers and the interfaces are a bit lower end.  We have tried a few DVRs but have yet to dive into this technology due to a lack of DVR options we like.  It can also take IP cameras but you cannot add more than the total number of wireless security camera system for this DVR unlike the TVI above. So it is considered a Tri-bred DVR.

HD-SDI was the first HD over coax technology and the quality is the best of the group but it has negatives too.  It was developed in Korea and still has the majority of manufacturers from that country.  Korean quality is usually regarded as top notch.  I personally have little experience using the cameras but am very impressed with the demos I have seen.  This is the only true digital technology of the group.  This may not mean much to you but the picture quality is superior to all the rest.  The down side is the cable runs are much shorter.  Only about 250 feet or about 83 meters without a booster.  The other downside is the DVR price.  The newer SDI DVRs can take old and new cameras but verify this before purchasing. The DVR can be Tri-bred as well but check before you buy.  I give this technology an 8 out of 10 due to the high quality image but higher price tag and the shorter cable distance.  

Any of the above technologies will help capture excellent images.  But a warning to the wise that many cheap versions of the technologies are out there.  Be cautious as saving a few dollars initially may cost you the difference between a lasting investment and waste of money.

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