Perry Myers is interviewed by Mike Puccinelli of CBS affiliate news reporter at the Morton Grove, U-Spy Store.  Mike and Perry discuss the potential for the DesPlaines police department to make an arrest based on the possibility of evidence obtained from the hidden camera found in the Walgreen’s bathroom.  

The police may have obtained evidence from the SD card itself, either through video images of the suspect or from possible fingerprints.  The recorder is motion activated and perhaps a video clip of the person installing the camera will be seen on the device if police are lucky.  A hand, arm, body or face may link the suspect to this crime.  Comparing store video to the hidden camera video may link the criminal to the act and help solve this matter.

Installing cameras in a place like a bathroom, locker room or other places where persons may disrobe is illegal in Illinois and most, if not all states.  Myers has experience investigating these crimes as a private investigator for MSI Detective Services.  Myers suggests along with the store video comparisons, the police may also conduct interviews, interrogations and check financial transactions of employees.

Even contacting the U-Spy Store or some of its competitors may obtain results that could lead to the culprit. Myers stated that his company has been subpoenaed in the past and always cooperates with law enforcement in criminal matters.

Using a hidden camera can be a great tool for investigation purposes.  But it can be used illegally as it was here and can be prosecuted.  “Many people don’t realize the laws or simply don’t care” according to Myers. “I don’t have any sympathy for criminals or in this case, perverts, who are doing despicable acts like this” says Myers.  “I don’t understand why someone would break the law and risk incarceration while these videos exist on the Internet and are made by willing participants” Myers added.

So when you need a hidden camera for good purposes, you can find them in our 2 stores or online.  But if you want to break the law, then you better think twice before acting.  There is a very good chance your plan will be discovered and you may suffer the consequences.