Hidden Camera Catches Woman Trashing Cat

A woman in Coventry was caught via surveillance cameras dropping her cat into a trash bin. The woman was seen carrying and petting a cat–named Lola–before stopping in front of the trash can. She lifts the lid, drops the cat inside, and walks away.

The matter is under investigation by England animal rights group, RSPCA.

After being identified by the public from footage captured on CCTV, police are urging the public not to intervene into their investigation.

The cat, Lola, was trapped inside the bin outside the owner’s home after being trapped inside for 15-hours; she was found by her owners who heard the pet’s cries for help. They then reviewed video they’d installed outside their home for security purposes.

Using social media sites Facebook and YouTube, they posted the video in an attempt to identify the cat-trasher.

Police said that they supported the investigation and again urged the public to leave the matter to authorities. The woman has not been arrested because, according to laws in the UK, she did not commit a criminal offense. She is not receiving police protection, but police are closely monitoring the situation.

The owners, who found their trashed cat, were going to a relatives house for Sunday morning brunch when they heard the animal’s cries for help. Thinking the cat was trapped in the car, they investigated and found the animal in the trash. Their 8-year old daughter was traumatized by the event.

The woman, identified as Mary Bale, says she didn’t understand all of the “fuss.” On Facebook, campaigns were launched decrying her actions, and posters have been put up, calling for her death. The public is requesting that she be fired from her job working in customer service at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Bale, 45, is the subject of an RSPCA investigation and lives a short-distance from Lola’s owners. She told the Sun that she did “not deserve to be hated” for her moment of madness. People, she claims, are over-reacting. “I really don’t see what everyone is getting so excited about. It’s just a cat,” Bale said.

Luckily for the owners, their employment of security cameras caught the act before any lasting damage was done.

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