Don’t Forget to Secure the Garage!

Securing a home is something with which most of us are familiar, even if we don’t own one. Security bars, electronic locks, home security systems, video cameras, and motion-sensor lighting are all tools that help deter crime. Too often, however, the focus is on the home’s living areas, leave a “weak link” in home security that’s easy to exploit.

Don’t forget to secure the garage (and outbuildings)! Not only do we keep expensive items (cars, motorcycles) in these areas, but often store tools, ladders, and other similar items that facilitate criminal entry into our homes.

If storing tools in sheds and outbuildings, remember that these areas need to be secured. If they have power run to them, install motion-sensor lighting, locks, and window bars (depending on the structure). Keep the area free from cover that criminals can hide behind, and inspect these areas regularly to ensure that no one has accidentally left a door or window open.

Attached garages are one of the easiest ways to enter a home because they give us a sense of false security. Garage door manufacturers provide homeowners with a method to detach the motor from the door in case the motor fails. While convenient and usually a necessity, this is also provides criminals with an easy way to enter the garage. Once they’re in the garage, they can use items stored there to break into the house, not to mention the fact that most doors between garage and home are left unlocked. The below video, from YouTube, shows how quickly unwanted parties can break into a garage.

There are a few ways to increase garage door security.  The first is to “zip tie,” or secure the mechanism that disengages the motor to the chain slider; this ensures that the motor can’t be disengaged and keeps the garage door “locked” when it’s down. In the event the motor goes out or maintenance is needed, this procedure is easily reversed by cutting the zip-tie.  The second way is to purchase an electronic garage door lock that will integrate with your current garage door opener. Finally, if you have the ability to do so, purchase a garage door that doesn’t have windows. If that’s not an option, cover the windows with paper or replace the window panel with a solid one.

If you have any questions regarding office and home (or garage) security, please contact U-Spy Store for assistance.

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