Criminal Behavior Repeats Itself

An Illinois man from Grayslake, accused of shooting a dog, was held on $400,000 bond earlier this week. Mr. Elvin Dooley shot a black Chow-mix on Tuesday, January 26th, 2009. The dog was left in the parking lot of a No-Kill adoption center on according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.
The court also ordered Mr. Dooley to turn in 21 weapons and rounds of ammunition that were found by police when he was arrested. According to the Daily Herald, Dooley had thousands of rounds.


The story unfolded on Tuesday when the animal was dropped off. Employees were trying to convince the dog to enter the shelter when it ran off with the manager of the shelter giving chase in her car. The dog cut across a field near Townline road
when she heard a gunshot.

She noticed a man holding a rifle aiming from the front of his house, and then heard two more shots. She then confronted the man, but he ran into his house. She picked up the wounded animal and took it to an emergency vet.

The dog died from a gunshot wound to its neck. Dooley was arrested on Friday for aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony.
Not surprisingly, Elvin Dooley had done a a couple of stints in prison, once in Alabama in 1974, and again for a West Virgina burglary conviction in 1996. Some people just never figure it out…

Oh, some additional charges that he racked up after killing the dog: Unlawful use of a weapon (felons aren’t allowed to vote or possess firearms), unlawful possession of ammo (felons can’t have bullets, either), and possession of weapons with an Illinois State Firearms ID.
Dooley, of course, denied he’d been shooting his gun. Then, he changed the story, saying that he fired his rifle at some cans. He was also ignorant to the fact that he’d shot a stray dog that was running with his scoped rifle…it must have gotten in the way of the cans.

The part-time hardware store worker doubts that the store will take him back due to all of the publicity. Boo Hoo. Maybe he’ll get free room and board, a courtesy extended to him by the taxpayers of Illinois.

It’s unknown whether he’ll be able to make his bail, which is 10% of the total bond amount, or $40,000. Maybe he should sell his gun collection…oh…never mind. The police have it.

And there you have it…idiotic crime of the week. Remember when I said that criminals were stupid?

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