Covert Video Recorders

HELP! I Need to Record this Event on Video and all I Have is My Keychain!
Have you ever run into a situation where you needed to take a picture, or record an event on video, but didn’t have your camera with you?
Whether it is a Confrontation with a Neighbor, a Run In with the Police, a Sexual Harassment Situation, or just Good Times with Friends, there are many situations where a video camera can make all the difference.

U Spy Enterprises is proud to bring you the Key Chain Camera.

This product records full length video with audio and stores it on a micro SD card (not included). The Key Chain Camera is totally covert and looks exactly like a regular automobile remote control.

Powering the device is a built-in battery which lasts for a full hour of continuous recording after only 3 hours of charging.

With the push of a button, record video or take snap shot pictures with the integrated 1.2 Mega Pixel camera.

Connect the Key Chain Camera to your Computer using the included USB cable for easy transfer of video for evidence or memories. Each video and picture includes a time and date stamp for easy reference.

A couple important facts to consider regarding this product:

1. Laws vary from state to state regarding audio recordings. In some places it is illegal to record a conversation without the consent of the other party. This means that any evidence can be thrown out in court if the defendant did not grant you permission to record the conversation.
2. This item does not see in the dark so you will need to record in a well lit area.

Available now for only $79.99 at the U Spy Store Where “U” Become the Spy!

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