Child Pornography Investigation Stems from Alert Customer

Tanning salon owner Joseph Layland was a friend to many of his customers until  charged with using a hidden camera to record customers in the Malden, Missouri tanning spot. Formerly “DJ’s Tan and Tone” has closed while the owner waits for trial in jail and police investigate.

Local TV site KFVS reported that police officials seized approximately 500 DVDs and videos, 18-hours of surveillance footage, and two computer hard drives as evidence in what is likely to be the Show Me State’s largest pornography crime.

One-time small businessman Layland was arrested for privacy invasion and a number of possession charges in what seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence found during a police investigation. Possession of Child Pornography is a Class B felony, and breaking privacy laws is a Class D felony charge. The arrested perpetrator is currently being held on $500,000 bond.

Before the case goes anywhere, investigators have a daunting task in the days ahead as they confront the evidence, some 1700 items–at least 500 of them DVDs. Police weren’t certain of the content on the DVDs, but preliminary examination has led them to state that this could be the biggest child porn busts in the state.

The bitter reality is that child pornography images or video, obtained anywhere, depicts location-less victims that may never be rescued; thus, while it appears that no local minors were recorded, the vile nature of the crime is overwhelming.

Police investigated after an unnamed female who had a “something’s wrong” feeling about the salon inspected, and found, a hole in her tanning booth room. While not 100% sure of the discovery, the intuitive, negative emotion she felt was the impetus behind reporting the findings to police.

While the repercussions of Layland’s crimes aren’t fully known, the lesson is plain: If in doubt, report.

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