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Dummy Cameras, Fake Cameras, Phony Cameras. Whatever you call them, their intended use is to discourage or dissuade the bad guys from picking you as a target. Do they work? Can they be used correctly? How does a theif thing and act when these are seen by them. What are the pluses and minuses? These are the questions we try t answer here.

The Problem with Dummy Cameras

Many of the dummy cameras being sold today have batteries and flashing strobe lights included. We strongly recommend that you resist and do not use this needless feature. Of the tens of thousands of security cameras on the market less than 1% ever have any kind of light visible let alone “flashing lights” in the front of the camera.

A flashing light on a camera screams “I am a dummy camera” and many thieves may know that. Simply don’t use the feature. Any bad guy with half a brain can figure out that the flashing light is a sure sign of a dummy camera. Continue reading