Calumet City Police Kill Chicago Man

During an arrest in Calumet City, police officers shot and killed a Chicago man when he attacked the officers during the arrest.

Prince Alim Bantu Akbar, a Chicago performance artist, was running in and out of a school district building yelling and screaming, and then running back out. When the officers arrived on the scene, the 265-pound Akbar began to beat the first officer. They tried non-lethal force, including tasers, and were unable to subdue the 6’1″ suspect.

While the second officer was trying to subdue the officer, he was nearly knocked unconscious. Akbar returned to beating the first officer around the head and face. The second officer, regaining his senses, fired two shots at the assailant, mortally wounding him. Akbar died at the scene.

The two officers were sedated and remain in the hospital with severe head and facial injuries, including possible broken bones.

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