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Recommended License Place Installation Settings

  • Height – Recommended height is 3-4 feet, depending on the height of the vehicles and the object distance at the image center from the camera. Usually LPR cameras should be installed a little bit higher than the license plate.
  • Angle – Recommended horizontal angel is no more than 30 degree. However, it also depends on the distance between the camera and object (license plate) image to be captured.
  • Distance – Up to 45ft from the camera to the object (license plate) image to be captured.
  • Vehicle Speed – Recommended vehicle speed is no more than 25 miles per hour in playback mode, and no more than 6 miles per hour in live view mode.
  • Lighting – Avoid direct and strong headlight or backlight. Sometimes lighting conditions in twilight (dawn or dusk) will affect the image quality.
  • FoV Width – recommended FoV (Field of View) is for one traffic lane.